Christmas Stocking

Let us help you with that Christmas shopping. We have a limited number of these stockings so make sure you don't miss out. It all starts with a Carhartt Christmas Stocking that is made from the same tough material that Carhartt is known for. If you're looking for a way to make his stocking and the experience more manly then look no further. Next we get to all the goodies inside that will make your bearded fellow happy. You get your choice of a bottle of our Beard Oil that fits his style. One of our Beard Brushes will help him evenly apply the Beard Oil while also making his beard look well groomed. Cleaning his beard is important and that's where our Utility Bar comes onto the scene. Many over the counter shampoos have harsh chemicals that take their toll on facial hair. Our Utility Bar is all natural and will work wonders to pull out all that dirt and left over lunch. We have also included one of our handmade Soap Decks. They're made from cedar and the smell of the outdoors is the first thing you will notice. This will give a much longer life to the soap as it allows it to dry out between uses. And last but not least you will find one of our Maple Hill Beard Co. Koozies that will keep that favorite drink cold when he attends the next bonfire or get-together.