Starter Gift Box w/ Beard Butter

Our Starter Gift Box is perfect for the gentleman that is wanting to try out the world of beard care. It includes your choice of a container of our beard butter and one of our oval beard brushes. Our beard brush will do an outstanding job of evenly spreading the beard butter throughout your beard. The butter and brush come in a manly box that can be used to hold your products on a daily basis and provides an all in one gift that is ready to give.

Beard Butter  1oz/30ml container

Beard Brush  5" x 2 1/2"

Beard Brush choices are soft or firm. 

Soft brush is recommended for gentlemen with shorter or thinner beards. (bristles are softer and easier on the face)

Firm brush is recommended for gentlemen with longer or fuller beards. (bristles are firmer to work into the beard) 

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Time to say goodbye

Due to some life changes we have decided to close Maple Hill Beard Co. We're sad to see this journey come to an end and are so thankful to each of you that have supported us over the last several years.