Bear T-Shirt

Take a trip into the Great Smoky Mountains and you may catch a glimpse of a bear. If you do then there are a few things to keep in mind to keep you safe. 1) Don't start crying because bears don't like drama. 2) Don't take off running because you may end up their next meal. 3) Make sure you are wearing our Bear T-Shirt because 100% of bears approve. So it's pretty simple, don't cry, don't run and wear our Bear T-Shirt! 

(*Disclaimer - Don't wear our Bear T-Shirt and run from a bear because then you will just look amazing while on their dinner plate.) 

Maple Hill Beard Co. is in no way affiliated with any bears in the Great Smoky Mountains. The statements listed above are our opinion and not that of any bears. The tips above should not be used as a survival manual if you wonder into the woods. 


90% Cotton & 10% Polyester

*Shirts run a little on the small side. 

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Time to say goodbye

Due to some life changes we have decided to close Maple Hill Beard Co. We're sad to see this journey come to an end and are so thankful to each of you that have supported us over the last several years.